Copenhagen's compelling case for bike superhighways

In April, Copenhagen opened its first "cycle superhighway," the first of 26 routes it hopes will encourage commuters to travel to and from the city by bike. Though the existing network of bike paths in Copenhagen is well-maintained, the condition of routes connecting outlying municipalities is inconsistent, making cycling a less viable option for suburban commuters.
The routes are designed to resemble automobile freeways, but are tailored to fit cyclists needs with footrests and innovative traffic lights timed to average cycling speed, reducing the number of stops.
Copenhagen isnt the first city to introduce the concept of the bike superhighway. Londons Barclays-sponsored Cycle Superhighway was launched in 2010, though it has since received less praise than its cousin in Copenhagen.
London has a bike mode share that hovers around 2 percent, while the mode share in Copenhagen is 37 percent. Reflecting this disparity, the ideology behind Londons superhighway seems less about increasing convenience for commuters, and more about spreading awareness of cyclists among the citys motorists. Indeed, in the Barclays Cycle Superhighway promotional video, London Mayor Boris Johnson says, "The key thing is to convince people that this is where motorists can expect to find cyclists. The motorists cant just shovel the cyclists out of their way."
Though the superhighways include colored surfaces, signs, and safety precautions, they have drawn ire from critics who fear they are still too dangerous for cyclists concerns that were confirmed by the unrelated deaths of two cyclists within a three-week period in 2011.
Sweden, Australia, and the Netherlands have also embraced the cycle superhighway with the hope that with the growing popularity of electric bikes more travelers will be tempted to opt for bikes for longer trips. Though the idea hasnt caught on in the U.S., "bicycle boulevards" in effect, bike paths shared occasionally by cars are appearing in an increasing number of cities, including Austin, Minneapolis, and (no surprise here) Portland, Ore.
A report by Portland State University describes bicycle boulevards as "low-volume and low-speed streets that have been optimized for bicycle travel through treatments such as traffic calming and traffic reduction, signage and pavement markings, and intersection crossing treatments."
In Portland, the response to the boulevards has been mixed amid concerns that the boulevards inconvenience drivers. In order to emphasize the benefits of the boulevards both to cyclists and to pedestrians, the city has christened the streets "Neighborhood Greenways," arguing that the slower motor vehicle speeds make for safer crossings and a more vibrant street life.
Though Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Portland frequently make headlines when it comes to cycling, other cities such as Bogot, Colombia, and Mexico City are making strides in strengthening their respective bike infrastructures.
Bogots Cicloruta is a network of 211 miles of bicycle-only transport lanes the largest of its kind in Latin America. It is estimated that there are between 300,000 and 400,000 bike trips made daily in the city, a number that will likely increase as construction on the bike lanes continues.
Every Sunday, Bogots Ciclova puts 76 miles of the citys roads off-limits to cars, leaving the streets open for the exclusive use of cyclists, skaters and pedestrians. Inspired by Ciclova, Mexico City has adopted a similar event as part of a greater plan to make the city more bike-friendly.
In 2007, Mexico City officials promised to build 300 kilometers of bike lanes in the city by 2012. Four years later only 22.2 km had been built, prompting residents to build their own "wikilanes." However, the rising popularity of Ecobici the city-run bike share that was inspired by Paris successful Vlib program may provide incentive to the city to ramp up work on the bike lanes.
"Reverse Copenhagenization" may be the best term to describe whats happening in Beijing and throughout China, a country once know for its robust bike culture.
In Beijing, cycling has dropped from 60 percent in 1986 to 17 percent in 2010, while car use has grown 15 percent a year over the last decade. Parked cars and rickshaws now crowd the citys bike lanes, leaving cyclists to weave haphazardly through the traffic-clogged streets.
As China has become increasingly car-centric, bicycles have developed an image problem. Where owning a car has become a widely coveted symbol of status and wealth, cycling is considered the poor mans mode of transportation.
Though fewer citizens may use bikes to get around, cycling as a sport is making a comeback in China. Fixed gear bicycles, or "fixies," are also gaining popularity among Chinese youth, prompting some to question whether hipsters may in fact be the saviors of Chinese bike culture.
To encourage the rebound of Beijings bike culture, city officials plan to improve the citys cycling infrastructure by restoring bike lanes, providing 50,000 bikes for hire by 2015 and adding bike parking spaces near train and subway stations. Its a long way from Copenhagen, but its a start.


Old fittings make some water meter

PRINCETON — More than half of the 4,200 water meters in Princeton have been changed out with new automated meters, but contractors ran into an unexpected number of crumbling 19th century fittings that make the replacement more expensive.

Johnson Controls engineer Chris Downs told the Princeton Board of Public Works and Safety Monday that 2,500 meters have been replaced with automated devices that will allow meter readers to check them via computer radio signal. The new meters also feature diagnostics for leaks on the customer side, or tampering, and can help the city track trends in water usage.

But the big challenge in the otherwise smooth-operating project has been the discovery of about 700 meters with collars made in the 1800s. Downs said some settings are crumbling when the meters are changed out, and excavation has been required. That’s an additional $600 or so to repair, per instance, he estimated.

Downs said the company is working with crews to minimize the cost for the additional work, looking to recoup some money by selling the old meters for scrap, and allocating some contingency funds for the project.

The problems were unexpected because a sampling of 200 or so meters found only one old fitting. The number of old galvanized iron yokes was a surprise, said Johnson Controls spokesman Tom Hogan. “The program’s going really well, outside of this issue.” Hogan said seeing the old iron last as long as it has is a testament to good maintenance and water quality, but said most of the old iron uncovered is brittle.

Crews are “exercising special care when we do run across them,” he said. The meter replacement work began this summer. The city approved the project in June 2008, after Johnson Controls did the engineering and guaranteed the project would pay for itself with the revenue generated from more accurate usage measurements.

The company projects a $330,000 excess cash flow in the water department that should pay for the project in 15 years. The meters are guaranteed for 20 years.

Johnson Controls estimated this summer that the project could save the city $4 million in the long run with more efficient and accurate water meters.

In other business at Monday’s board of works session, members authorized an environmental company to drill groundwater monitoring wells, if required, on Ohio Street near the Mid-States Rubber company.

Board members Mayor Bob Hurst and Kathy Cowling agreed to install one meter for lighting on the pocket park on Emerson Street, picking up the cost for electric usage for the half of the lot, which was sold by the city to Jim Seaton. Seaton donated lights from the old Evansville Executive Inn to be used on the back side of the city-owned portion of the lot.

Hurst also reported that the Indiana Dept. of Transportation has ordered CSX Transportation Inc. to install signals at the Makemson Street railroad crossing within 12 months or face a $1,000 daily fine past that time.
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Civil Suit Brought Against Berkeley Steel Foundry

After years of continuing controversy, a class-action lawsuit was filed against West Berkeley's Pacific Steel Casting Company last week alleging that it emits unsafe levels of pollutants into the surrounding neighborhood.
If the plaintiffs win, the suit would require the company to reduce emissions to safe levels or move out of Berkeley, and provide monetary compensation for the thousands of neighbors expected to join the suit.
According to Timothy Rumberger, the attorney representing the neighbors, hundreds of people have already joined the suit. A class-action lawsuit allows an individual or a small group to file a suit on behalf of a larger group.
"I don't think that anyone can say with a straight face that Pacific Steel Company is not the biggest polluter in Berkeley and has been for decades," Rumberger said. "Just because they're big ? doesn't mean they should be able to continue poisoning the neighborhood. If they can't do it safely they're going to have to do it somewhere else."
Company spokesperson Elisabeth Jewel declined to comment.
Two separate cases against the company have recently been settled, resulting in the installation of emissions-reducing systems. A small claims suit has also been filed on behalf of several neighbors.
But Rumberger said this suit is different because it allows the entire community to get involved.
"This entitles everyone that's being impacted by this for representation and potential compensation," he said. "I think there's a lot more potential for change if the whole neighborhood is together."
Rumberger said the suit is the culmination of over a year's worth of work in the neighborhood. Data on emissions were collected from 23 sites around the foundry that monitored the concentrations of chemicals in the air.
Rumberger said that, under standards set by the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency, the observed chemical concentrations were "far above what would be healthy for a human to breathe."
The suit's lead plaintiff, Rosie Lee Evans, who has lived near the foundry for 47 years, said the worst part of living so close to the foundry was the smell of burnt copper coming from the plant.
In February, the City Council threatened to declare the foundry a nuisance, which could have closed it down. However, the council instead has been meeting with the company to draft steps it can take to reduce emissions.
"We can suggest kinds of things that they can look into but really they're going to have to be proactive in getting the very best advice and the very best technologies installed in the plant," said Councilmember Linda Maio, who represents the area around the foundry.
本文转自:China Industry News
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新华网甘肃夏河3月23日电 记者从甘肃甘南藏族自治州政府了解到,3月14日以来在甘南发生的打砸抢烧事件中,共有94名公安民警、武警官兵和干部群众受伤。

  统计显示,在此次事件中,甘南州105个县市直部门受到冲击,共造成财产损失5795.55万元;27个乡镇及113个乡镇所属单位、22个村委会和14个村文化室被打砸抢烧,共造成财产损失8970.64万元;22个国有企业和442个私营企业及个体工商户在打砸抢烧中损失财产7965.44 万元。另外,还造成321名(户)各级干部群众个人财产损失299.6万元。






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    1.Bearings with bigger inner ring:The inner size of this kind ofbearing is bigger than the standard one.
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    The above bearings are some general nonstandard ones. In addition, we also can produce the bearing according to your drawings or design bearings according to your appliance. The followings are some of the nonstandard bearings produced by Ningbo Chuang Hon Yi Bearing co,.Ltd.Other related Products:ep groove ball bearing , Nonstandard bearings , Special Bearings , Special Bearing , Outer surface of sphere bearings , 60 series bearings , 62 series bearings , Wide breadth bearings , 63 series bearings , Bead bowl , Doors and windows bearings , Inflate compensate bearings , 67 series bearings , 68 series bearings , Hexangular Inner Bore Bearings , Sheath , 69 series bearings , Inner breadth widened bearings , R series bearings , Outer dia inclined slot bearings , 16 series bearings , Flange full bead bearings , MR series bearings , TEX series bearings , 0 series bearings , Angular contact ball bearing , Bearing steel bearings , Bicycle bearings , CHUAN HON YI Bearings , Conveyor bearings , Conveyor belt bearings , Electric tool bearings , Fishing gear bearings , Flange bearings , Ceramics ball bearings , Low noise bearings , Motor bearings , Motorcycle bearings, Ningbo bearings , Nylon Bearings , Plane Thrust Ball Bearings , Pneumatic tool bearings , Pulley bearings , roller skate bearings , Scooter bearings , Screen wiper bearings , Single Row Angular Contact Bearing , Skateboard bearings , Sports instrument bearings , Stainless steel bearings , Needle roller bearing , Tapered roller bearings , Wheelchair bearings , 转自:中国专业seo团队





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美元回升不易 金价积弱难返

  周四美元面对稍好的数据面,但依然呈现回升乏力态势。数据显示,6月费城联邦储备银行制造业指数(1222.649,-40.29,-3.19%)意外大涨,大西洋( 13.60,-0.19,-1.38%)沿岸中部地区6月制造业指数为18,为2005年4月来最高,市场预期为7.0,5月时为4.2,该指数已是连续第六个月为正数,即显示制造业成长,给美元带来短暂提振,但之后因美国公债收益率未能守住涨幅,美元跟随回落。基金管理公司Fischer Francis Trees & Watts.外汇交易主管Adnan Akant表示:“我们所见的美元兑日圆等低收益货币上涨,并非是真正的美元强势,这是有关全球经济强劲增长,及对高收益商品货币的需求。”
  良好的经济数据降低了市场对美联储升息的预期,令美国公债(特别是长债)吸引力大减,美元因此承压。基本面对美元的指引显得有些奇怪,应该说美国经济出现好转理应进一步巩固强势美元,但美元却呈回升乏力征兆。就如同基金管理公司Fischer Francis Trees & Watts.外汇交易主管Adnan Akant表达的观点一样,目前即便美元呈现一定的强势表象,也并非代表美元真正的强势,目前市场似乎更在意纯数学的方法来计算推导怎样持有美元更为有利,但我们认为这样的强势的确仅仅只能停留于局部的阶段性表象,唯有美国经济彻底改善形成的长期荣景支撑下的美元强势才能持久。故我们不改对美元中长期疲软的看法。



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U.S. Democratic leader says Iraq war "lost"

WASHINGTON, April 19 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Thursday that the Iraq war was "lost" and that he had conveyed the message to President George W. Bush during a meeting at the White House on Wednesday.
"Now I believe ... this war is lost, and that the surge (U.S. troop increase in Iraq) is not accomplishing anything, as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday," Reid said at a press conference.
He said that was the message he took to Bush at Wednesday meeting.
"I know I was like the odd guy out yesterday at the White House, but at least I told him what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear," he said.
Bush met with Democratic leaders of Congress as well Republican lawmakers at the White House on Wednesday on an emergency war funding bill, but the two sides failed to settle their differences to avoid an looming showdown over the legislation.
Both the Senate and the House passed bills last month that would provide money for this year's U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and set a timetable for the Bush administration to pull combat troops out of Iraq next year.
Democrats said after meeting with Bush that they would send him the bill and hoped the president would sign it into law, despite the president's repeated threat to veto it.
Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, said on Thursday that the Iraq war could only be won "diplomatically, politically and economically," and the president needed to come to that realization.
In a speech in Ohio on Thursday, Bush defended his war policy and said it was "the most solemn duty of our country, is to protect our country from harm."
He repeated his assertion that in order to protect the American people, the Untied States "must aggressively pursue the enemy and defeat them elsewhere so that we do not have to face them here."
A latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, taken on April 10-12, showed that 69 percent of Americans now said things were going badly for the United States in Iraq, and only 29 percent believed that sending additional troops to Iraq would make it more likely the United States would achieve its goals there.
A news USA Today/Gallup poll, published on Thursday, found that57 percent of the respondents now felt the Iraq war was a mistake, and 41 percent said it was not.
Bush, Democrats meet on Iraq bill
U.S. President George W. Bush is seen with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Leader Harry Reid in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington April 18, 2007. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo) WASHINGTON, April 18 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President George W. Bush and Democratic leaders of Congress met at the White House on Wednesday on an emergency war funding bill, but the two sides failed to reach agreement to avoid a looming showdown over the legislation.
"It appears that they are determined to send a bill to the president that he won't accept," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said, referring to legislation that would provide funding to this year's U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and would set a timetable for American pullout from Iraq. Full story


‘Nothing to Hide,’ Gonzales Insists in Early Account

WASHINGTON, April 15 — Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales offered a measured apology for his mistakes in the dismissal of eight United States attorneys, but said in testimony prepared for a Senate hearing on Tuesday that he had “nothing to hide” and that none of the prosecutors were removed to influence the outcome of a case.
In his testimony, which was released Sunday by the Justice Department, Mr. Gonzales provided an account of his own actions, which was largely consistent with his past assertions that his role was very limited and his recollection fragmentary.
Mr. Gonzales said he did not select any of the prosecutors slated for dismissal last year and largely delegated the effort to his former chief of staff, D. Kyle Sampson.
“I have nothing to hide, and I am committed to assuring the Congress and the American public that nothing improper occurred here,” he said in the testimony.
Mr. Gonzales acknowledged that his public statements about the firings had been confusing and that he had misspoken at a news conference on March 13 when he asserted that he “was not involved in any discussions about what was going on.”
And, Mr. Gonzales said, “Of course I knew about the process because of, at a minimum, these discussions with Mr. Sampson.”
Mr. Gonzales said he was even aware that two Justice Department lawyers had been identified as possible replacement candidates for United States attorneys to be fired, including Rachel L. Brand, chief of the Office of Legal Policy, and Deborah Rhodes, now a United States attorney in Alabama.
After the testimony was released, two Democratic senators, Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and Charles E. Schumer of New York, dismissed Mr. Gonzales’s written testimony as inadequate. The top Republican on the panel, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, said Mr. Gonzales needed to disclose more facts when he appeared before the committee.
Vice President Dick Cheney continued to express the White House’s support for Mr. Gonzales, but he made it clear that it was up to the attorney general to save his job.
“He’s a good man,” Mr. Cheney said in an interview recorded Saturday and broadcast Sunday on “Face the Nation” on CBS. “I have every confidence in him; the president has every confidence in him.”
But Mr. Cheney added, “This took place inside the Justice Department. The one who needs to answer to that and lay out on the record the specifics of what transpired is the attorney general, and he’ll do so.”
Mr. Gonzales’s troubles come as another major figure in the Bush administration, Paul D. Wolfowitz, is fighting to retain his post as president of the World Bank after accounts that he had used his influence to raise the salary of his girlfriend. They each represent important elements of the administration’s policy, as Mr. Wolfowitz was a principal architect of the invasion of Iraq and Mr. Gonzales was a principal supervisor of the legal strategy to fight terrorism.
In his statement, Mr. Gonzales admitted he had made mistakes, but his contrition was limited largely to missteps in the treatment of prosecutors who were asked to resign. “I made mistakes in not ensuring that these U.S. attorneys received more dignified treatment,” Mr. Gonzales said. “Others within the Department of Justice also made mistakes. As far as I know, these were honest mistakes of perception and judgment and not intentional acts of misconduct.”
“I am sorry for my missteps that have helped fuel the controversy,” he said.
Mr. Gonzales is certain to be asked on Tuesday about his own recollection of events. He has said he does not recall a meeting on Nov. 27, 2006, in which the dismissals were discussed. Michael A. Battle, the former director of the department’s United States attorney liaison office, has told Congressional staff members that Mr. Gonzales was at the meeting when a memorandum was circulated that provided a detailed outline of the plan to dismiss the prosecutors.
But Mr. Gonzales insisted in his written statement that not one of the United States attorneys was improperly fired. “I know that I did not and would not ask for a resignation of any individual in order to interfere with or influence a particular prosecution for partisan political gain,” he said.
Mr. Gonzales’s prepared statement did not address several significant issues cited by Democrats who have charged that the firings were politically motivated. Two of the fired prosecutors, David C. Iglesias of New Mexico and John McKay, were fired after Republican officials complained to the Justice Department. In Mr. Iglesias’s case, Senator Pete V. Domenici, Republican of New Mexico, complained to the White House about the prosecutor’s lack of progress on a politically sensitive case involving Democrats.
The release of Mr. Gonzales’s testimony was part of the intense political gamesmanship and calculation by the Bush administration and Senate Democrats in advance of the hearing. Mr. Gonzales also previewed some of his testimony on Sunday in an op-ed article in The Washington Post.



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